ASHRAE Standard 135-2016 A Data Communication Protocol for Building Automation and Control Networks

ASHRAE Standard 135-2016 A Data Communication Protocol for Building Automation and Control Networks

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Published: 2012 ANSI Approved
Number of Pages:1052
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Meet Building Automation and Control Systems Communication Needs with Standard 135-2012

BACnet, the ASHRAE building automation and control networking protocol, has been designed specifically to meet the communication needs of building automation and control systems for applications such as heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning control, lighting control, access control, and fire detection systems. The BACnet protocol provides mechanisms by which computerized equipment of arbitrary function may exchange information, regardless of the particular building service it performs. As a result, the BACnet protocol may be used by head-end computers, general-purpose direct digital controllers, and application specific or unitary controllers with equal effect.

This protocol provides a comprehensive set of messages for conveying encoded binary, analog, and alphanumeric data between devices including, but not limited to: 

(a) hardware binary input and output values, 
(b) hardware analog input and output values, 
(c) software binary and analog values,
(d) text string values, 
(e) schedule information, 
(f) alarm and event information, 
(g) files, and 
(h) control logic.

The purpose of Standard 135 is to define data communication services and protocols for computer equipment used for monitoring and control of HVAC&R and other building systems and to define, in addition, an abstract, object-oriented representation of information communicated between such equipment, thereby facilitating the application and use of digital control technology in buildings.

This 2012 publication of the standard was motivated by the wide-reaching changes in alarming functionality made by Addendum af to Standard 135-2010. This edition of the standard also includes the recently adopted changes for the lighting industry.




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