chiller plant design تصميم محطات الشيلرات

 chiller plant design

السلام عليكم ورحمه الله وبركاته 
النهارده زوار مدونة عالم الهندسة الكرام نقدم لكم فى موضوع اليوم كتاب فى غاية الاهمية  عن محطات الشيلر بيشرح أنواع التوصيل  بين الشيلر والمضخة و أنواع المضخات في نظام الشيلر وكذلك أبراج التبريد وكتير من المواضيع  اللى فى غاية الاهميه .الكتاب من شركة   McQuay

Chiller types:
Chillers are classified into two main categories:
I- Evaporative chillers.
II- Absorption.
I- Evaporative chiller: Evaporative chillers are classified according to:
Condenser cooling:
1- Water cooled evaporative chiller.
2- Air cooled evaporative chiller.
Condenser location:
1- Package chiller.
2- Remote condenser chiller.
Compressor type:
1- Positive Displacement (Reciprocating).
2- Centrifugal (Rotary Screw and Scroll).
II- Absorption chillers: absorption chiller may be classified to:
1- Air-Cooled Absorption Single Effect.
2- Water-Cooled Absorption Single Effect.
3- Absorption Double Effect, Indirect-Fired.
4- Absorption Double Effect, Direct-Fired.
Chiller selection:
When selecting chiller types and numbers, The following factors shall considered:
1- Chiller price.
2- Chiller plant requirements include pumps, cooling towers, control and piping.
3- Installation cost.
4- Energy cost at full and partial loads.
5- Water cost for water cooled chillers.
6- Maintenance cost.
7- Insurance and taxes.
8- Noise and Vibration.
9- Unit size and weight.
10- Applicable codes and standards.
Location of central plant:
Location of central plant shall be determined during the early stages of the project. Once type of chilled is selected, mechanical engineer shall coordinate with the other disciplines in the project to locate the chiller plan.
When indoor chiller selected, some design consideration shall be considered for Refrigerant machine room


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