Fire Alarm Guide "Book"

كتاب Fire alarm guide

The Code of Practice for fire detection and alarm systems for buildings (BS 5839- 1: 2002) is a detailed and comprehensive document which requires careful reading to fully understand its’
requirements and latest approach to ensuring the safety of buildings and
their occupants from the ever present threat of fire. The purpose of this manual is to provide
a step–by–step approach to the necessary guidelines described in BS 5839-1:2002, so that users can
achieve maximum benefit from the recommendations.
This should assist in the task of choosing the best options, help in preparing the specification of
the fire protection system and assist architects, designers and electrical engineers in providing the most cost effective system solution that meets the needs of the user

This manual is a consultants guide to the contents and usage of the British Standard Code for the design, installation and maintenance of fire detection and alarm systems for buildings (BS
5839-1: 2002). Throughout the manual, where it was necessary to reference this long title, we will simply refer to it as ‘the Code’.
The Code is divided into seven sections. The first section is intended to be of general interest to all users, the second is intended to be of interest to the system designer, architect or electrical
engineer. The third section attempts to address one of the major problems plaguing fire detection systems in Britain today, that of false and unwanted alarms. This section offers advice and best practices for the successful management of false alarms. The fourth section is for the installer with a link to section five which covers commissioning and handover of the system. Section




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